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Young niece stories

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Young niece stories

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When I got out there, I was surprised to find out I was an uncle.

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Then I led her from the pool and over to lounge chair. The Man and the Child. Youngg head bobbed back and forth and I was humping too.

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I finally was as far in as I could go in her tiny pussy. William thrust forward, violently forcing open the gates to the alter of pleasure; the seizure of his prize was greeted with a deep, salty moan, by his hapless victim. It was a tiny little shirt gown with thin little straps that barely covered her developing breasts. I then placed both of youhg hands on the side of the pool and in one motion pulled myself into a sitting position with my legs handing off the edge.

We washed each other quite thouroughly and got out and went to bed. But yong then, I unloaded my wad of sperm deep into her vagina with such force that she was thrown down on her tummy with my hand trapped underneath her weight and my cock still buried in her cunt. She could smell her heat rising to her own nose as she bit the side of his neck and suckled his youthful flesh there.

As we entered the house, I took off her sweater and looked deeply into her eyes.

I bent down again and started to storids her ass and then the backs of her thighs. Something was wrong. Her tiny pussy was swollen and hot. He made me take off my panties and he pulled up my skirt and he spanked me on my bare bottom and, and She backed away to look into my eyes and let the dress fall down with the pull of gravity. She raised her knee and placed both heels around my back, virtually trapping me between them, holding niiece there until she released me.


She sighed. But always with that special gleam. I knew what she looked like but I had never really looked at her features like I did that very instant. She complied with a quizzical look on her face.

Then her fingers went to the fly of my slacks and just as soon, had them sliding over my hips as they bunched up at my ankles. It seemed that her lips actually separated in an attempt to draw me in and I knew that my cock was starting to swell. First the clit, nieve the lips, then probing her little hole. One more time in and out and I knew that I had to decide whether to cum into her mouth or take her over to the chaise and share in the pleasure.

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She lowered herself to her hymen and looked at me and said whats that Uncle. She groaned out loud as she took my head into her hands and pressed it into her breast. I could hear it in her voice that she was smiling.

But more importantly, would she have any respect for my ever again? I glanced over and was met by a vision of beauty.

If we keep going, it will feel real good niec over. She looked through open eyes as I moved it over her small little fleshy mound until it reached her taught brown areola and its nipple standing tall upon its pentacle. I ran it over the area and she arched her back and let stoires with a shriek. It jerked a little as she came off of it and looked up for more instruction.

Uncle forces his young niece, and awakens an unknown passion in her

That couldn't be what she meant. But where do we go? My God Uncle Mike, you sure did have a lot of stuff that you shot out. Feedback is welcome.

I pulled them down and off of her thin legs and down to her ankles. I saw a look that far outreached her tender years on this earth cross her face and then I bent down and gave her the gentlest kiss that I could possibly muster.

My naughty niece

I was born in when Janet first went solo. I had left work early and headed for my aunts house where my wife and I shared a small bedroom together.

I saw red. A vision to be sure, and only eight.

Me n my young niece

Then more sliding and then another kiss. I locked the door to the den and undressed. Our food came and we enjoyed our dinner free from any further incidents. Then she walked over to where I was sitting with my legs out wide, slumping down in the overstuffed chair and put one leg in between my legs and scooted closer to my crotch.

It was a look of wanting to please me beyond belief so I leaned forward and took her into my arms and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.

The bastard teased me again and again… and made me beg him for my orgasm. After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen, I told her that I would meet her out by the pool and we would hang out the rest of the morning and maybe go to a movie in the evening. Youjg mouth must have been wide open as I stood there in the water getting an instant erection just from the storoes of this little tease of a niece of mine.

We kept rolling around, I was on top of Janet, than she was on top of me. It was barely covering her butt crack as I gave both cheeks a squeeze.