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Husband wife sex stories

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Husband wife sex stories

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A Friend comes over Mr. W - February 04, Views Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I want husbznd tell you my story that happened to me with my wife Ariel and her friend Jessie. It was a long Friday at work and when 5 o… Wife Learns Pleasures of Two-man Sex ThreesomeJoan - January 30, Views A trip to Europe provided the opportunity for this wife to take action on her hubby's oft-repeated suggestion that she experience a new man.

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Wedding cake. She took another drag on the cigarette and slowly exhaled the plume.

I asked her what kind she wanted me to buy and she replied she liked the Newports better. I began licking and her body began moving around and she began to smoke the cigarette.

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She reached over getting the pack of Newports, lit it and sexily smoked the cigarette. My wife of ten years has been a non-smoker up until the last six months, but being an open-minded person, is always doing things to keep busband marriage and sex life interesting.

I decided that she really wanted to keep it just a fantasy and not do it for real. She told me later she felt her lungs get full of smoke and just did the only thing she knew to do and that was exhale it.

Saturday morning I woke up to go to the bathroom Porno chat athens very quietly took out the cigarettes, opened them and placed two on the bedside table on her side and two on the bedside table on my side of the bed, and a lighter and ashtray on each. We usually make love about three times a week, at least twice at night during the week and on Saturday morning after we wake up.

Thinking of the experience, Jennifer reached for her cigarettes, lighting one with a deft flick of her lighter and inhaling fully, imagining that the smoke would somehow go deep enough into her that it would meet the end of his cock. We went on like this for two months, I thought, with her smoking only during sex.

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Not to mention the fact that these stereotypes don't acknowledge same-sex couples. She also fulfilled my original fantasy stries seeing her dressed in sexy clothes, a lot of makeup, and smoking a long all white cigarette several times during Kempton on line personals massage period. Then we started, kissing again. I lay down on my back and she crawled up on top of me and lowered her ses over my cock and sank to the bottom.

But without my knowledge, after the first month of smoking, she began to smoke outside our bedroom.

Ready to ignite?

stoeies We lay there, side by side, each enjoying her indulgence, while the smoke from the burning end of her cigarette drifted slowly towards the ceiling in a sexual way of its own. Did you like that? After only a minute of so, I grabbed her clit with my lips and sucked hard, just as she was taking a drag off the cigarette.

I also got a gusband of ashtrays from the den where we had some for other people. Oh, I like sucking and smoking, she said. She finished the cigarette and snuffed it out in the ashtray. The whole problem was that it looked as if it would never happen and I was getting real frustrated. And with each puff that I took, I actually could feel the stress come out of me as I inhaled the smoke.

That was so good. She took one of gusband long white Newports out of the pack and put it in her mouth, and lit it with the lighter. She is 28 years old, we married when she was 18 and I was With that, she continued to smoke the cigarette, looking sexier and sexier as she would take a drag, hold the cigarette up near her face, and blow out the inhaled smoke.

Between andmarried adults had sex 56 times per year, on average, while unmarried adults had sex 51 times per year. I told her I did more than anything we had done lately, and started moving my tongue slowly toward her cunt. I thought about how I could help the situation along.

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She looked on her side esx the bed and saw the two packs lying there and the lighter. She had no trouble at all and exhaled the smoke in a long steam.

I brought them into the house in the briefcase and carried them to the bedroom and put them in my bedside drawer. I was under a lot of stress at work and just wanted to get out for a while. She would tell me how she is going to pull out a cigarette and have me light it for her and seductively smoke it, You can imagine what that does to me sstories she knows it. And she loves it when we make love. I was getting as hard as I ever had been.

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In fact, married people are having more sex than unmarried people, according to the General Social Survey. That one cigarette brought me so much pleasure and so much relief from the stress I had been under, that I guess I just wondered if I would feel that way the next time I smoked. After I licked her to three more cums Free fuck buddy Bloomsburg inhaled on every cumshe snuffed out her second cigarette of the morning.

She held the smoke just a moment sed, and let it slowly pour over his head and upper body.

She reached out and picked up the pack of Newport s and looked at them. After a minute of two of sucking, her head began to go back and forth and I knew she was ready for anything.

Husband and wife gone wild

Finally, she came hard and it triggered my own orgasm. Many times since then, while we are having sex, she has brought up the subject of smoking for me.

I thought about what kind. None of that sounds super-sexy and fun.