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Gay shaved sissy crossdresser stories

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Gay shaved sissy crossdresser stories

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Spying On My Sissy Slut Husband Part Two Giving my husband the cock he wanted and the pussy I desired After my last story of how my husband and I became lesbian lovers with him dressed as a female, both of us thought a lot about what was next for us. I did tell him that I wanted to see him with a man. Then that got me to thinking about a bisexual couple to play with. A bi woman for me and a bi guy willing to fuck a crossdresser. That would be perfect but so hard to find.

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Master liked what he saw.

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How humiliating to go from normal relationships to being this sissy slave. I modelled a set of pink, a pink bra and pink french knickers wearing pink fishnets. Master made me parade a little for him, I could feel my thong rubbing hard on my panties bulge and my boi pussy as I moved. There is more grinding now and more kisses, this time on the ears.

crossdersser This time I placed the backpack on the floor and slid across the seat to sit beside him. He moved under me, and we went from doggy to crossdressef. He glanced down and my eyes followed his. Would master want me when we met? Master offered to take photos of me, but the shame made me say no. Like when I was dressing before, I was along for the ride and enjoying every tingling sensation, every sensual wave of pleasure, every caress of his hand along my thigh or across the front of my panties.

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Outside of being Holly I had such a storoes life, no one in my life would suspect me of being this. Master was tall, stocky, with light coloured hair. I want to be a good fuck someday and not just in a virginal sort of way, so work that thing loose big boy! It took along time to prepare for the meet, especially getting shaved and smooth.

Ssisy didn't choose to be a sissy, but that's what I am, and sisey though I was all about my Master's pleasure, I was enjoying myself - despite the humiliation that I found cock and balls to taste surprisingly good. Not only that but if things did go according to plan, I would soon be sucking a guys cock and being their bitch for the next few hours. One day, I wanted to do my makeup and really get fixed up, but not tonight. Not the long deep kiss I wanted but a simple kiss befitting where we were, yet it still sent a thrill running through me and shook me from head to toe.

We talked a bit while he idly played with my legs, running his hand along one then the other; making me a bit distracted and slower to answer his questions. I got much deeper into my sissy side.

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We hadn't mentioned collaring me at all til this point, I guess Master thought it would suit me. I did tell him that I crosssresser to see him with a man. I was going through with it tonight and I was gonna take it up the ass. I smiled too, I was locked in, this was definitely going to happen. It was going to be my first time, and I was slightly tempted to not go, but master had travelled almost an hour crossdrewser get there, I had been searching for this for too long, and most of all, I truly wanted to do this.

I stepped out of them and stood there awkwardly in my red lace panties. He stabs with purpose now, and grunts with each thrust. I bit at the seams of crpssdresser denim jeans with my teeth and then opened up, flared my nostrils and took in the aroma of manhood. I also consider less of the sexual side of crossdressing and am thinking about appearing more androgynous in my normal fashion life, but I still doubt I'll do so.

At one point Master was feeling my girly body real good, and Crosedresser said 'mmmm, yes Daddy' instead of Master, he just laughed at me and then spanked me. The smell of his dick was all around me.


At one point 2 years ago, I made the mistake of 'purging' - getting rid of all my sissy stuff. He put his hands on my waist and leaned in for a kiss. I closed my eyes and trembled at first then shuddered when he pressed his hand down and used his palm to stroke it. Crsosdresser regret that decision. His free hand returned to caress, fondle and squeeze my leg and send shivers through me.

He pulled the collar, him fully inside me, and held Women want sex Boothville-Venice there, upright on his cock. I found him and he greeted me with a smile on his face. It shaced me long enough to make sense of this side of myself, it would be totally alien to someone not exposed to this world in the slightest which we can assume most are! With that, he walked to his car, and I followed him through the back streets to his little suburban home.

I must have used one of my own address for at least one reply and he found me.

I imagined what my Ex would think of me like this. He snuck a hand on my knee and rubbed my thigh, when no one was looking. My heart raced, and my skin went cold with anticipation. Leaning back he took a minute to run his eyes up and down my body appreciatively before putting his car in gear and resuming the drive.