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Dog knots her mouth

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Dog knots her mouth

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He was giving her the knot. The dog across her back was fucking her hard. There were moans and grunts and screams accosting her from every direction.

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She stopped as she spotted her animals sleeping, all separate from each other, all cold, lonely, hurt.

No, assholes — plural Three of them. She wiggled her tongue against the dog's tip, making the beast kick and thrust as she slobbered over the small snack.

She was on the verge of tears as she watched a larger dog curl up in the corner and sleep in the mud. Rommel was bought and paid for, and that little Russian cunt was giving him all the attention he would need, servicing him once again with her mouth as her husband claimed very-sloppy seconds from behind. Fluttershy was convinced she had to do this. When caught in the tide, it was easier to go with it, than fight knotz it.

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Oh, how Eva loved to hear that bitch moan! She crawled off the dog, trying to stem the tide of thick jizz as it dripped and squirted from her abused sex. She was not allowed to speak. The dog across her back was fucking her hard.

She took a moment to admire the now calm and happy animal. The cold night air was quickly made hot as Fluttershy licked at the dog's tip, rubbing the base and drawing it muoth. Now, the French woman, with the assistance of her husband, was simply delighting in humiliating the bitch further as the newest dog fucked her, having her eat her pussy while Pierre coated her entirely in dog cum! The German man that kots requested Fritz was lining up his own cock with her pussy, preparing to thrust it in.

Eva was overwhelmed. The man was jacking the dog, deliberately hosing her with its cum. They had all paid good money.

I paid you good money! Damn could he fuck! Each time the penises would slam into her she would feel a mix of pure bliss from the overworked nerves in her pussy, and a jolt of confused pain from her stretched backside. She decided to keep going, moving on to the next, slightly bigger dog, and repeating the process. She was tired of listening to them squabble.

A man pounding her cunt, rapping her back and forth, raping her.

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Eva was under no delusions. She could almost taste the bitterness as she creeped out her front door.

How long had this all been going on? Fluttershy mumbled to herself as she spread mputh flank and guided one of the two huge members into her already streteched sex.

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Something… more. Next time maybe she would have some help, maybe even somepony to enjoy this beautiful work of nature with.

With all that was nouth around them, they were leaning towards a likely yes. With their flesh slapping, her tits clapping, the audience cheering. She stopped as the knot hit her entrance, taking a deep breath as she forced her tiny entrance to encompass the dog and fill her entirely.

She clung the beast close as she parted her sopping wet lips, letting her fingers spread her and drip onto the dog's growing member. She ehr to be calm and collected Anchorage fuck chat what she was about to do, and the recent return of several pets meant she would dig to give up more than she was used to. Now she could only hope that she would wake up before anypony saw her, and enjoy the source of warmth from her insides and the massive dog laying on her back.

Fluttershy awoke alone, the dogs knotts happily and going about their mornings. Something new grabbed her hips. The smell of sex and cum was thick in the air. She reached her hand back, spreading her lips and letting more and more of the sticky cream pour out of her.

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Too much. Why was I not allowed to fuck her?!

She felt her backside light up as the cum was forced deep inside her ass, filling her with a tremendous heat as the squishy substance glued her in place.